Currently, I am the graphic designer for LUAR by Raul Lopez. He is a clothing designer originally from Dominican Republic but moved to New York at a young age. His designs are inspired by New York as well as his Dominican roots. He co-founded Hood by Air (HBA). A clothing brand that pioneered street-wear in the 2000s. Just recently Hood by Air decided to close up shop for now after their huge successful progression as both founders wanted to pursue other projects. Raul decided to launch his solo label titled LUAR. A brand for all. I am very inspired by his work and I am very excited to be working with him on future projects for his brand. Like I said earlier LUAR is for all. It is for all races, all genders and sexuality. LUAR's pursue for fluidity is very strong and for their SS19 collection you can see that Raul stripped away his interest of using color to having everything in white. I think this puts a strong focus on the overall structure of the garments so that everyone can really see the details in each piece walking down the runway.

This is one of Gareth Pugh's earlier shows. This show in particular is inspiring since of the runway. When the music starts, so does the runway. It is covered in a long white cloth and attached to the sides of the runway. At the end of the runway there appears to be a fan blowing the fabric up and down in the air. As you watch the show you can see that the models have a challenge. Each model walks down the runway in a specific way. You can see that Pugh wants his models to be effected with what is going on on the floor. Gareth Pugh is known for his hyper power/over fetishized garments of both sex and play. His dark/gothic/sublime designs are contrasted by the runway that makes the whole show containing a different form of beauty.